Software Testing & QA.

  • Detect Bugs and Errors early in the development cycle
  • Better Product Quality and high Customer Satisfaction
  • Save Time & Money with our Testing and QA Services
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Software Testing & QA

Our Software Testing & QA Services

How we support within your development cycle.


Manual Testing

Our Testing Engineers are performing manual tests to ensure that your application is working properly by following conditions written in test cases.


  • Testing and QA Strategy and Setup

  • Functional and Non-Functional Manual Testing

  • Performance Testing

  • Load Testing and Stress Testing

  • Penetration tests by specialized pen testers

Automated Testing

In automated testing, there are pre-scripted tests which run automatically. The tests are run to compare the actual results with the expected results.


  • Acceptance Testing

  • Smoke Testing

  • Regression Testing

  • Non-Functional Testing

  • Test automation tools


Good reasons to work with us.

  • 15+ years experience in Testing & QA

  • Competitive rates

  • Ultimate transparency

  • Complete team scalability

  • Zero overhead costs

  • Testing engineers of your choice

  • Mature project management

  • Commitment to 100% confidentiality

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